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Your One-Stop Technology Solution Store

Hardware, software and support

We believe technology enables progress, and everyone should have easy, affordable access to it.

We offer fully customisable, high-performance laptops at competitive rates with after-sale service and support countrywide.

ONE Technologies is a proudly South African business and Level 1 B-BBB EE company.

Locally Designed I Globally Sourced I Nationally Serviced

Our fully-customisable, high-spec laptop solutions are tailored to you, or your business’s, technology needs.

All laptops have Intel processors, solid-state hard drives, a minimum 8gb ram, at least five hours’ battery life, high-resolution screens and so much more.

ONE Technologies’ Easy Access

Our entry-level offering is an excellent laptop for home users, office workers and small-to-medium businesses, with solid specs, and good speed and performance. It is great value for money.

ONE Technologies’ All Rounder

Our mid-range laptop is ideal for corporate and medium-to-large business managers, with high-level specs, speed and performance.

ONE Technologies’ Powerhouse

Our top-of-the-range laptop offers executives, engineers, graphic designers and those who need superior performance, a high-end solution with all the speed and storage for your business needs.

See our products page for full specifications.


ONE Technologies is proud to offer individuals and businesses access to technology to unlock their personal and business potential.


After 10 years, our commitment to service delivery is proven and we are proud to have a nationwide presence supporting more than 30,000 computers.


ONE Technologies is committed to empowerment, and making technology accessible to all.


Making life easier

We meticulously curate our products, which are locally designed, internationally sourced, nationally serviced and competitively priced, giving individuals and businesses easy access to customisable, high-performance hardware.


Customised to your needs

Our ONE-stop solution means you can fully customise your laptop, adding a logo and company-specific software, including operating systems, specialized platforms, security, device tracking and more, ahead of delivery.

Proven track record

ONE Technology is powered by Nkgwete IT Solutions, a Level 1 B-BBBEE, ISO-certified business with a 10-year track record of providing and managing IT outsourced services and solutions to businesses nationwide. We pride ourselves on empowerment, ethics and service delivery, consistently meeting service level targets

Quality tech at local rates

ONE of our big drivers is providing superior quality technology at highly competitive prices. Like to know more? Please contact us for a free audit of your technology needs or demonstration of our bundled offerings.



Ngwete IT Solutions

As CEO, I grappled with how we could compete with international tech players to achieve our vision of unlocking South Africa’s potential through technology. It is from this that the idea of One Technologies was born.

We have now sourced unsurpassed, superior-specification hardware at highly competitive prices, which means that we can Unlock the potential of the people of Mzansi by making reliable tech accessible, affordable and available to all.

Siddika Osman